New Developments in Understanding Chronic Illnesses:

The Role of Immune Dysfunction and Infections

19.25 Continuing Education Credits
Healthcare Providers, Patients/Caregivers & General Public Welcomed

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A transformative shift is happening. Be a part of it.

This three-day event presented the latest research, diagnostic and treatment advances for immune-mediated chronic illnesses by world-renowned healthcare practitioners, researchers and scientists from leading institutions. These include NIH, Columbia, Stanford, Cornell, Johns Hopkins, Georgetown University, and more.

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Rethinking Chronic Illness

Advancing chronic illness medicine

Advancing medicine.

Cutting-edge research by acclaimed industry leaders, novel solutions by clinicians in the field and a goldmine of new ideas is changing our approach to chronic illnesses.

Transforming chronic illness healthcare

Transforming healthcare.

The global healthcare community joins together to collaborate, discuss and share their knowledge and experience with immune-mediated chronic disorders.


Empowering clinicians.

Discover and learn from key industry stakeholders as they share their insights and the latest developments and ground-breaking research to revitalize patient care.

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